Proofreading & Proofreader

Proofreading is a review of a written text in terms of grammar, spelling rules and semantic integrity. The proofreading process is extremely important in that the work presented to the other party is precise and acceptable for everyone. The person who is an expert in his/her job and who does the editing process is called a proofreader. Editing process is applied to translated texts as well as Turkish texts. Editors are required to be competent in the language they will edit.

If we talk about the duties of the editor in general;

• To review the written text before printing in terms of grammar and spelling rules and to make necessary corrections,
• To make necessary interventions by reviewing sentences and sections in order to ensure integrity of meaning,
• To examine the translated text in terms of grammatical spelling and expression errors and to check whether the terminology used in the translation complies with the rules and to correct if any error,
•To Contact the author when necessary and managing the processes to make the text compliant with the printing rules.